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Welcome to the website of Paul Freitas, a technology consultant based in the Boise, Idaho area.

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I am also the author of the Playlist HTML5 Audio Player.

I am an experienced software developer with experience in many languages and development environments. I can help you with:

Like a lot of people, I enjoy listening to music on my laptop while I work. I've tried numerous audio players for various operating systems and found many of them lacking in one feature or another, like gapless audio playback or the ability to serve music over a network connection. I eventually discovered that many modern web browsers (like Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari) make excellent, cross-platform audio players. I discovered it is possible to use HTML5, JavaScript and a generic web server to deliver a high-quality user interface.

With that end in mind, I created an audio player called the Playlist HTML5 Music Player. (To try Playlist with some sample music click here.) I thought other people might want to use it, or at least look at my code for ideas they could use in their own projects, so I made it freely available through the GNU General Public License version 2.0. You can use Playlist to listen to your music collection, either on your own computer or through your home network, or even create a promotional website for a band.

To use Playlist, you need an HTML5 enabled browser. Here are some examples I've tested personally:

Other browsers, like Internet Explorer version 9.0, have HTML5 support. If your browser isn't listed it may still work with Playlist. I simply haven't tested other browsers yet.

It works with many different audio file types. Different browsers have support for different formats. At present, Ogg Vorbis has the greatest level of browser support. MP3 is second. Mozilla Firefox can't play MP3 files due to licensing issues. Safari doesn't support Ogg Vorbis by default, but it can be added by installing Xiph's Quicktime Components.

Here are some things I've written recently:


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